Major Samuels

In the show Major Samuels is a weasel who proves to be a coward. He does not appear as such in this campaign, so the players are warned once again not to over-use their TV knowledge.

Major Samuels is a friendly but formal administrative genius and organizer. He always knows what’s happening, what supplies are where, and manages to rotate the staff very efficiently. This makes him a very strong second-in-command to General Hammond, especially given the General’s age.

However, his strong, practical grounding has a limitation – he is not very imaginative. This came across clearly when he stated his position against using the stargate. He expressed concern about the possible dangers, while being seemingly oblivious to the possible rewards.

Still, his relationship with the General is very solid. One facet of being a second-in-command is to state opposing points of view and argue them strongly, and the General knows this and appreciates. Furthermore, as usual Major Samuels is doing a good job organizing the gate research and upcoming expedition: having been over-ruled, he is being a team-player.

Major Samuels

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