General Hammond

General Hammond is in charge of Cheyenne Mountain. He is an air force general who was on his last assignment before retirement when the war started.

Now that the war is over and the US Government has fallen, he has made it his primary mission to preserve the lives of all individuals in his area of command, with a longer-range mission of rebuilding and re-establishing the rule of law in as wide an area as possible. It is quite evident that he has not given up hope that the US can be re-established once the crisis is past.

As an individual, General Hammond is somewhat lax on discipline but strict on loyalty. He will listen to all sides of an argument, and has a soft spot for those who go outside their authority “to do the right thing”. However, he will come down hard on those who flaunt his orders or authority, or fail to throw in with the group once a direction has been determined.

Physically, General Hammond is much lighter than in the show, but more prone to getting tired and has given over many of the command duties to Colonel Nelson and Major Samuels

General Hammond

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