The background to twilight 2013 is an alternate earth timeline in which WWIII is fought and much of the world is devastated as a result. The in-game background (with all of its oddities) will be kept as-is for now, with possibilities for modification over time. However, there is one wrinkle: a stargate appears in the closing days of the war at cheyenne mountain.

The series

Note that the only items being drawn from the stargate series itself is the concept of a gate to the stars and some minor characters (simply because their images will add flavor). No knowledge of the series is needed. It may even act as a hindrance if you expect the game to play-out like the series (it won’t, not at all).

More Background

General Hammond was an old general getting ready to retire prior to the war. His posting to Cheyenne Mountain, which was the backup facility for Norad, was an easy assignment given to him in recognition of his service.

However, nothing was easy about the war. Cheyenne Mountain and the surrounding area were the targets of a number of nuclear strikes, but the mountain itself was missed by several miles. The entire surrounding area is a nuclear devastated wasteland; over half the refugees who came to the mountain after the strikes died quickly due to various radiation-induced sicknesses.

In 2011, at the beginning of the end, a team of scientists found what turned-out to be a stargate inside a mountain near Mt St. Helens. When the war heated up, the pentagon ordered the gate transferred to a more secure location. The scientists working on the gate were killed during the transfer, much of the tech was lost (or destroyed on purpose – the govt did not want to leave it behind), but finally the gate itself ended up in Cheyenne mountain.

Meanwhile, refugees started to pileup at the gates of the Mountain. Major Samuels advocated picking those with useful skills for inclusion in the mountain’s staff, and this was done. General Hammond went another step by setting up a refugee camp in what had been the visitor’s parking lot for the mountain, even having latrines dug and fresh water piped out to the camp, along with food, vitamins, and doctor care. This was done over Major Samuel’s protests: he was keenly conscious of the resources in the mountain. While they were considerable, they were not infinite, and Samuels wanted to keep them for military use.

Now it is 2013. The stargate has been decoded, plugged-in, and a trial-run with remote-controlled vehicles has worked. The planet on the other side (the team has only one address – the last address dialed) appears to be habitable, and in fact seems to be relatively close to earth (the stars are the same, for the most part).

Major Samuels feels that the gate is a waste of time, at best, and dangerous at worst. He believes that they need to form a caravan, move everyone to better farmland, and setup a sustainable military cantonment until such time as government is restored. Going through the gate could lead to nothing if the plantlife is not compatible with earth. On the darker side, there could be new diseases or other troubles, or the aliens who built the gate might be encountered and turnout to be hostile.

General Hammond has overruled him. His judgement is that many lives could be lost in such a move, and there is no guarantee of finding a good area to settle before starvation sets in. Furthermore, the last scattered radio reports indicated a lot of fighting inside the united states, sometimes with very well-armed bands of obviously ex-soldiers. He wants to keep the mountain, as a haven, and at least test the other side of the gate before making any final judgments.

Stargate 2013